Look on your fucking map if you want to find these wonderful locations, smart arse.

Varrock is a nice place to visit with the Grand Exchange for scamming trading with bots other players.

Falador has the party room which is shit anyways because the only thing you'll catch is burnt fish. It also has the mining guild, mostly used by bots. So don't go there.

Taverley is now the new place of the noobs, but that still doesn't give you the right to go to Lumbridge. Taverley is useful for about 3 things: Pokéball making, blue dragons and access to Catherby.

Catherby is a place where you can relax work hard and 99 all of the fantastic skills to train legit!

Ardougne is populated by noobs that want to train the useful skill, thieving. Stealing cakes is fantastic when you finally clear out the clairvoyant wave of guards, and then you only get a breadstick. Bloody fantastic.

The Barbarian Village is a crappy 3 house town that you can't train anything in because there is no bank within the radius of 10 miles and it's only use is the Stronghold (which is still pretty fucking useless). It is full of replica whining PKers and you can't make any profit on any skills you do there because you have to drop it all and start again.

Don't go to Lumbridge or you are a noob. If you need to get to the Lumbridge swamp, you don't.

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