This article is about the Lesser demon monster on RuneScape. For the other 'Lesser demon', please see 'Nick Clegg' on Wikipedia.

Lesser demons are your common or garden demon, often found bollocking around in random areas, such as the Karamja volcano or the Taverly dungeon. They aren't too bright, and often just mindlessly swipe at anyone who appears. However, it is easily possible to just hide behind a rock and range or mage them, and they'll just stand there.
Lesser demon

a typical lesser demon


Zamorak was jealous. Bandos had a load of minions, Armadyl did, even that goody-two-shoes Saradomin. So he bought fourteen packs of Instant Demons - Just add Water and voila - numerous minions. However, he bought low quality crap, and therefore half of them turned into shitty shitty Lesser demons. The rest turned into Greater demons. No one has had the balls to tell Zamorak that demons suck.

Fighting Lesser demonsEdit

Attack them until they die. They have shit defence.

And thats about as much as I can say on that.

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