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Leetspeak, pronouned 13375|=34|c, n00bspeak, or "retarded" for short, is an ancient "hacker" language only used by special people World 1 Lumbridge, script kiddies who want to look l33t and those whose IQ is lower than their combat level.

\/\/3 iz l33tag3 45 \/\/3 \/\/1LL put 3\/3r¥thin9 1n t3h l33t4g3 a5 50 ¥0u c4n g3t t3h l33t0rz.

We are going to put the text of this page in both leet and normal speak, so you can understand how it works.

T1p5 to t3h l33t4g3 (How to speak leet)Edit

Main Article: HowTo:Sp34k L33t
7®¥1|\|9 70 $p34|{ £337 1|\| pµß£1( \/\/1££ µ$µ4LL¥ ®3$µ£7 1|\| 4 $£4p 1|\| 7|-|3 ƒ4(3, ßµ7 1ƒ ¥0µ |\/|µ$7, 17$ ß3$7 70 µ$3 4$ |\/|4|\|¥ 0ß$(µ®3 (|-|4®4(73®$ 4|\|Ð 4£7 (0Ð3$ 4$ p|-|¥$1(4£¥ p0$$4ߣ3 $0 |\|0 0|\|3 |-|4$ 4|\|¥ 1Ð34 \/\/|-|47 1|\| ƒµ(|{ ¥0µ 4®3 4(7µ4£¥ 7®¥1|\|9 70 $4¥. "What is this? Did the quadradtic forumla explode?"

"Trying to speak leet in public will usually result in a slap in the face, but if you must, it's best to use as many obscure characters and alt codes as physicaly possable so no one has any idea what in fuck you are actually trying to say."

Note: if you just spent a whole two minutes trying to decipher the above, and then realized that the translation was right underneath it, don't worry. We are actively laughing at you about your stupidity.

Tr1\/14 (Trivia)Edit

It's probably easier to read ancient Egyptian than 1337- in fact, it's probably easier to read minds than 1337.

Although there are 40 leetspeak words for "hawt", 80 for "sxc" and 270 for "pr0n", there are no words for "Get a life".

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