"Hmmm...the train is late." - Doctor Ivo Robotnik

"Late is the opposite of early." - Captain Obvious

Lateness is the result of certain people sitting on their arse too long and not doing things.

Animation Pack 2Edit

A very, very long while back, Jagex released an 'animation pack' which attempted to get RuneScape out of its primitive graphics, and failed miserably. The fact that they made many weapons look like toys buyable from a pound shop didn't help matters. A long time later, (now) and the second one hasn't been mentioned, making the whole thing seem massively half-arsed, when the Dragon battleaxe still has a 2-frame attacking animation and the Dragon Scimitar has been updated 43,592 times.

The sequel to While Guthix SleepsEdit

The longest quest in the game apparently, and contributed a lot to the storyline and lore of RuneScape. Over 2 years later and Jagex haven't even hinted at the possibility of a sequel - a bunch of ugly and pointless gnomes needed it more.

Demon AshesEdit

As you know, monsters 'drop' bones when they die, which can be buried for Prayer XP. However demons just drop ashes, which are completely useless. Nearly everyone thought you should be able to scatter them for similar XP. It took Jagex over 10 years since RuneScape's beginning to realise that.

Any form of attempt to stop people thinking Jagex haven't just abandoned Dungeoneering and left it to dieEdit

Self explanatory, this one.

The Flesh-Spoiler Haasghenahk articleEdit

Yup, this is lateness on my part, as such a silly boss monster deserves an article right? Kal'Ger's could use a bit of expansion, too.

And finally, this goddamn kettle!Edit

I've been staring at this bastard for half an hour now, why won't it boil?

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