A standard reaction to the average Kalphite Queen drop

The Kalphite Queen is a dirty great scarab beetle that walks around the bottom layer of the Kalphite Lair.

The Kalphite Queen is a dirty great wasp that flies around the bottom layer on the Kalphite Lair after people attack it.

The Kalphite Queen is a dirty great corpse that lies around the bottom of the Kalphite Lair after people kill it.

Fighting the Kalphite QueenEdit

The Kalphite Queen is a dirty gr well known as one of the most difficult fights in all of PruneScape. Despite having the combat level of an extremely bad password (333), its far harder than killing an Oooouuuuurrrrggg...

(Sorry, too much Coca-Cola gave me wind)

When engaging in combat with the Kalphite Queen, you will think I'm talking (click here), until you realise a dirty great wasp flies out of the dead body of the dirty great scarab beetle, and at that point you're fighting its second form, and whats more, its being a PRAYER NOOB! Now your borrowed Bandos Godsword isn't hitting at all on it, its beating the shit out of you because your prayer has run out, and LOLURDEAD! So you just sod it, you hit it down to 3/4 hp, let some other idiot struggle to kill it for no drop...Hahaha you're so pro...

A few hours later, you achieve 67 Firemaking. You decide to look at your Adventurer's Log, and you find this.

"Item found: a dragon chainbody"

"After killing a Kalphite Queen, it dropped a dragon chainbody. (28/03/10)"


Alright, stop now, this has gotten too silly. (Monty Python reference)Edit

However, the Kalphite Queen has become an outdated boss. Most of the time you will bust your balls to get a Amulet of power or, even worse, some Fire runes as the drop.(Yes, the Kalphite Queen does drop fire runes, and like less than what you get for killing a Fire giant)

Its still horrendously difficult even for very high levels, the prize drop is

1. worth less than what General Graardor's is

2. dropped less often

3. the guardian of the drop is harder to kill

So basically, if you're going Kalphite Queen, you're wasting your time. Enjoy your Adamant spear drop if you manage to kill it.

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