Brego117:Hi everyone,i am now with an interview with the biggest troll jagex mod about why they realeased too much crap for the new players.Nerds and Geeks,please welcome,Mod mmh.

Mod mmh:Stop the clapping or else ima throw you in the dark hole of no existance of no whatsoever Garbage crap.


Brego117:So mod mmh,why have you been releasing new content for the new players?

Mod mmh:Well its because we made lots of mistakes,but because of our thick skulls we fix em,so we just f*ck up everything to make it appealble to the new players.Oh,and because mod mark farted on us so we got disrupted thinking,I LUV PIE EDUD(dude backwards)!

Brego117:But dont you care about your older players?They stood by your updates each step of the way!Ignoring the fact they consider bombing the sh** out of your offices like you with your death nerf on the f2p dungeoneering xp every second but its still loyalty!

Mod mmh:No we dont,The ones who we care about are people running merch clans an-

Brego117:You mean player mods?

Mod mmh:Yeah but...wait a second,you started your account 2 years ago!Jagex roit squad! GET HIM!

Brego117:Oh shi- I gotta run!Listen to me runescape players!Rant the hell out of jagex and they will cave in!Keep ranting and destroy any wbm and jagex apologists!We will take jagex down like we are taking down Justin beiber!

And remeber one thing! THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mod mmh:You monkeys get him!

Brego117:Damn you mmh!

Mod mmh:What?! how is this possible! you bypassed my super awesome unpassable censor!I will mute you!

Brego117:This is real life fool.Bye bye suckas!

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