Note: At first this was going to be in the Immutable Facts of RuneScape article, but it was decided it was big enough for its own page. We strongly advise you get a box of tissues for when you start crying about how fucking useless Jagex has been in this area.

When Jagex first made RuneScape, they came up with a neat little idea of a "Combat Triangle". There would be three classes of combat- Mage, Melee and Range. The picture above shows how it was meant to work... and the picture on the right also shows how it actually works now. Needless to say, anyone using magic in any situation is, to put it politely, an idiot.

Why is magic so crap?Edit

Undoubtedly some people will be whining, complaining we're being "too harsh" and "mage isn't that much of a problem". To which we reply:


Problem 1: Cost per spellEdit

Let's be clear. Mage is extortionately expensive. The most powerful spell costs over 700 coins per cast, and requires a 2,000,000 GP staff to make it hit anything reasonable. To put this in perspective, although Dragon Arrows cost 2 grand a pop, the bow is only 500 grand and the arrows are nearly always conserved by an Ava's Accumulator. The Bandos Godsword , one of the best in the game, costs just under 5 times the price of a staff of light, but after 10000 casts of fire surge (half of which will fail, see problem 3) is already cheaper and probably hits harder. And those are unlocked at a lower level, leading onto problem 2...

Problem 2: The absolutely extortionate level requirements.Edit

Now, it could be argued that for melee you have to train attack AND strength, whereas mage and range just have one class each. Fair enough. However, this doesn't really answer the question of why some noob with a rune crossbow can beat the living crap out of a level 80 mage hitting 14s each time. Also, to get the good spells (like the ability to freeze people) you have to complete two shitty quests. In the first one, you need to have a massive acid trip to go inside your own head and kill yourself and in the other, you need to kill a shirtless rapist, an ice fuck who drains stats, an orange man made of lit farts and a poorly animated, deformed, vampyre piece of shit.

Problem 3: SplashingEdit

With the level requirements and the ridiculous cost, there is also the fact that less than half of magic spells actually hit because Jagex thought they would be clever and make something called "SPLASHING" . But whenever Jagex tries to be funny or clever, they just fuck up the game. Now some of you retards might say, "But melee and ranged hit zeros as well!" Well we say to that, NOT AS MUCH AS MAGIC YOU FUCKING IDIOT!


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