True dat.

It's to stop RWTEdit

When Jagex obliterated a large amount of their game in a ham-fisted attempt to stop Real World Trading, many angry players kept BAWWWWWing that such an important part of the game was gone. After the riots had subsided (both in-game and IRL), and with the introduction of Summoning, the updates were pretty much forgotten. Over time, however, players became more resentful that they could no longer go into the Wilderness and kick the living shit out of anyone they chose for no rational reason. There were also some idiots on the Forums that just couldn't let the updates go, and would constantly post threads like "BRING BACK DE OLD W1LDY PL0X :)". The standard reply to this was "Yes rofl Jagex sucks donkey dick bring back fucking staking you fucking narbs" (heavily censored, of course, by RuneScape's highly effective censoring program). However, this was also an opportunity for the first Jagex Apologists to develop.

It's to stop RWTEdit

Before the '07 updates, pretty much everyone in-game thought that Jagex was doing a pretty good job but made some stupid mistakes sometimes. This was pretty much the case until MMG took over. However, after the anti-RWT updates, there were the first signs of people who would attack anyone who criticised Jagex or asked for the old wilderness back- the first Jagex Apologists. Their standard response was "OMFG READ RUNESCAPE VS REAL WORLD TRADING YOU NARB ALL THE UPDATES WERE THERE TO STOP RWT WHICH WOULD HAVE MADE JAMTEX BANKRUPT!!!!!1!!!!ONE!!!!111ONE1ONE1ELEVEN1!". Over time, the idiots who begged for old wilderess back shut up, and the Jagex Apologists set up shop in Compliments. However, the abbreviated phrase "It's to stop RWT" became more common when dealing with anyone who questioned the method of the anti-RWT updates, no matter how sensible their suggestions were. Eventually, after Jagex became more obsessive about fighting RWT on a trivial scale, the phrase "It's to stop RWT" became a bit of a joke.

It's to stop RWTEdit

Over time, it was inferred that every update that Jagex made was trying to fight RWT in some form. Therefore, people would jokingly post "It's to stop RWT" after each round of Jagex hysteria. Eventually, the phrase "It's to stop RWT" was used after someone questioned any ludicrous situation, as if solving the problem would enable the mass transit of GP. It continues to be a popular meme on the rants forums, although no longer for its original purpose as most people have far more pressing things to rant about than the removal of the Wilderness.

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