Iron Platebody

Part of a hungry monster's balanced breakfast

The Ironic Platebody is Iron armour and requires 1 Defense to wear as well as 33 Smithing to make. Unfortunately by the time most players reach 33 Smithing, their Defence level will most likely be high enough to wear steel, except in the case where said player is some sort of pure.

What's so ironic about this plate?&nbspEdit

Well normally, in Real Life, you will see guys named Smith go into bars, but in Prunescape, you have to bring the bars to the Smiths in order to get hammered.

Also, normally wearing armour will protect you from monsters during combat. The ironic platebody does the opposite. Not only is this armour shit when fighting mages, it's also useless when fighting pretty much anything that can actually kill you. Not only that, but if you wear one to boss monsters such as the Kalphite Queen, they will find you much easier to eat(and tastier as well.)

So unless you are a sick bug-abuser, never wear one of these in a serious fight.


  • While the ironic platebody is one of the weakest pieces of armour for humans, along with the steel platebody, it is one of the strongest pieces of armour worn by titans. This is because while they have a Constitution level of over 6000, Iron Titans can't be assed to train Defense and as such, have a Defense level of 1.

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