Iron is a metal that is dark grey. It's better than bronze, but has the same requirement to weild. Therefore, it is completely ignored.


I'll tell you why. It's because noobs (referring to both new people and noobs) have to either

  • Stand in Lumbridge castle begging for Phr33 St00f Pl0x


  • Quit being so lazy and actually do what the game was made for doing: skill enough to make their own armor.

Since only 1% of players actually do the second option, people begging for free stuff are most likely to recieve bronze rather than iron, because despite the fact that they both require the same defence level to wield, iron requires a higher smithing level. Therefore, when players get 5 defence they jump directly from iron to Steal.

Also, when you first start smelting iron, you have a 1/2 chance of effing it up because iron is shit like that, and so it's hard to get the bars to make armor and etc.

What about the iron bots?Edit

The iron bots bot iron so that they can either

  • get 99 mining, or
  • also get coal so that they can make their steal.

See, once you bot your way to 40 mining, you've probably got over 9000 iron ores stuck in your bank. However, if you're stupid enough to try to bot those into iron bars, you're only gonna have about 1000 of the theoretical over 4,500 iron bars you were supposed to get, because of that 1/2 chance of effing up your iron.

THE SOLUTION: Bot your way to 60 mining, join the mining guild, and bot coal to 99 mining so that you can get coal to make steel instead of iron.

Despite the fact that if you continue to bot iron to 60, you have over 90,000 iron ores in your bank, once you bot yourself to 99 on coal you'll have over 180,000 coal ores in your bank so that you can make over 90,000 steel bars, sell them on the Grand Exchange, and reap the rewards of your botting for about a day before you get a perma-ban. During the course of that day, you will have over 90,000,000 gp in your bank to spend on your BGS. But because you wasted your life botting iron and coal, your strength level is still only 1, so you need to speld over 9,000 days to--

(That's enough of the over 9000 references. ~Angel)

Whoops, sorry, wrong link to steal. Click here if you really need to see it.

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