This quest is the most intense thing in all of Prunescape AND Real Life!!!!!!!!!

Requirements: Combat Level 139+ All levels boosted to 211+ from 99. All quests need to be completed including the INTENSE Cooks Assistant!

Length: Longer than 50 fucking Skyrim playthroughs.

Difficulty: INNTEEEEENNNSE!!!!!!!!!

Items: 370.2 bil, full barrows, bandos and Kim Kardashian as a girlfriend.

Monsters: Imps x4 (Level 6,000,000,000+), Nex, Kal'ger, The Biggest Fucking Dragon EVA1!!, the OHMYFUCKINGGODIJUSTGOTONEHITTEDBYTHISPIECEOFOBSIDIANSHIT!!!!!!!, Nomad x7.5, the ghost of Andrew Gower and Chuck Norris (level infinite).


Talk to the wizard at the tower. Watch out for the EXTREMELY aggressive wizards out the front. They can hit anywhere from 990 to 170,567,986 damage a milisecond. Next make the impossible climb of the tower, watching out for all the monsters throughout it. The Jad and Kal,ger are encounted on ground floor. They are MUCH more powerful than they would be normaly. AHHH!!! The INTENSITY!!!! The next floor up greets you with seven Nomads, as well as Nex, who has leveled up to 6123. These can all poison, disease, one-hit and ragequit you so WATCH OUT FOR THE INTENSITY!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!! If you ever somehow manage to defeat these fucks, progressing further is a mistake!

Holy Shit, Chuck Norr- AHHHHHHHH FUCK!!!!!Edit

Next floor contains the Biggest fucking dragon ever, the ghost of Andrew Gower(I know he's not dead but it would be cool wouldn't it?) and Chuck Norris. Focus on Norris as he will eventually perform move that kills Andrew and the Queen, one-hit. But be careful, he is as hard as a shit.

First he has a gun, Glok-automatic. Kills you one hit. Next, he can summon anything, including the dark one, Cthulhu. If he reaches 3/4 health, he gets super rage and throws the sun at you. No-one except Mod Mark has ever beaten him. (Mark just jumped on him and the sheer weight turned Norris into pancake.) The next floor has a few tormented demons and the wizard you need to talk to. He sets you on the task of your life, to find the lost beads of Intensity-fucked-up-iness.

The ImpsEdit

4 ledgendary imps of doom hold these beads and you must kill them to get the beads. The imps can be found roaming around F2P areas, demolishing anything in their path. They attack you as soon as they appear on screen and will ALWAYS one-hit you. They also have a prayer that blocks all attacks and never runs out. If you somehow survive the one-hit, they will drain your stats by 6001 points per second until you die of shitting your pants. Mod Mark once again, used his weight as advantage to be the only person to ever kill these things. Lastly go back to the wizard and give him the beads. INTENSE!!!!

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