Strykewyrm copy

Quite possibly the most lulz-worthy, yet most restrictive monster in the game.


You want to kill one of these? Whoa whoa, slow down there Speedy. Let's talk this over for a minute.

  • First, you'll need 93 slayer. This is actually probably the easiest requirement.
  • Next, you'll need to get them assigned as a task, which has been proven completely impossible when you are trying to get one.
  • I'll wait for you to catch up...
  • Now, you're all set? Ok, go put on your fire cape... what? You don't have one? Come on, it's easy, all you need is 3 hours or so, a completely lag-free internet connection, a whole buttload of money for supplies, and lightning-fast reflexes. You could always pay some kid in a chinese sweatshop to account-share it for you. Or you could...
  • Pay 2000 slayer points to remove the fire cape requirement.
  • I'll wait a little longer, this might take a while.

That's all it takes! Couldn't be simpler, right?


Now that those simple requirements are out of the way, you're ready to start fighting these! First, go to the cave where they are located, find one of those strange white mounds on the ground, and kick it. Then you OMFG WTF WAS THAT THING???

It seems with these, the developers have finally decided to give a use to magic, and in the normal spellbook too! IKR?? The best way to kill these is using the highest level fire spell you can find, because their hits are doubled on these creatures. This is the lulzy aspect of these, hitting OVER 9000 over 1000 is really quite fun.

My max hit on these with full magic gear, staff of light, and arcane stream necklace was about 1100, which made my day.


These actually have some pretty decent drops. The main one is the Staff of Light, which sells for about 6-7 million. It's about the same rarity as the whip in my experience.

They also have the decency to drop most things in noted form, which is really nice. Pretty useful things too, like rune bars, 200 rune essence, high level herbs, etc.

Damnit, I've said way too many nice things about something in Runescape, someone fire me. Octavian
It's alright, they fucked up with the fire cape thing to compensate. ~~Angels