Hax is what happens when noobs beat the system a player takes advantage of a glitch in the game or messes with the game to gain an unfair advantage. Some prime examples of this are:

  • The Duplication glitch in which the purple partyhat's price was killed.
  • The Wise Old Man's breaking into Draynor bank
  • The wise old man's allegedly being able to use half a blood rune in a spell.
  • anything related to the Wise Old Man
  • JMods and their ability to noclip, change their combat level at will, spawn anything anywhere, take on the look of any NPC, etc.
  • Taking dungeoneering items outside of Daemonheim
  • All glitches

OMFG NOOB U HAXORZ!!!!!!!1!!!!!111!!!!!11111!!1!111!11!!11!1ONEONEONE!!!@1!!Edit

This is the typical response to hax. It is somewhat understandable as 70% of all prunescape players are runefappers who don't want their pleasure of any type ruined by hax. Unless it turns them on.

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