Quest DetailsEdit

Description - Your homie Bert is being Arrested by the cops, go help a friend out.
Released - 10 January 2006
Start - Speak to Officer Bob at Yanille
Difficulty - Medium
Length - Short
Members - Figure it out yourself


Items Required
Note: All the items can be obtained during the quest.

  • Handcuffs
  • Prison outfit

Monsters to kill

  • Officer Bob (Level 50)
  • Dickless Runefapper (Level 599, Wait, How the FUCK did a runefapper get to this level?)

Walkthrough Edit

Getting bustedEdit

Go to the dark alleyway in Yanille, you will see your Homie Bert getting Arrested by the Police, go talk to Officer Bob and punch him in the dick, he will give you some free Handcuff's, put them on and take off your Gloves Of Fapping and nicely go along with him, Officer Barry and Bert.

In jailEdit

Your handcuff's are in your inventory as well as a severed hand flipping you off. You will meet bert in a nice comfy room, You have a bed and nothing else, Theres a giant ass hole in the wall with a sign that says: ESCAPE HERE.

You find a big ass cannon and fire it, It lands at Runefapper mountain and squashes A Runefappers dick.


Officer bob pops out of nowhere, and you must kill him using only your fists, while he has a sword and- Oh look a gun, just shoot him and finish the quest already.

Bob drops a Condom, Some mayonaise, A picture of the Bullshit page and Fluff's- Wait, why is Fluff's here, The Mad Old Bag Lady should be taking care of her, oh well. you stuff everything in your inventory.

Dickless RunefapperEdit

He's pissed, you squashed his dick, how can he Rule 34 now? He kills Bert and then goes to kill you, you have 3 options.

  • Kill him LIKE A BOSS!
  • Rip off the middle finger on the hand, Use fluff's to claw a hole in it, put the mayonaise inside, add the condom and shove it on the runefapper
  • Call Gertrude to bitch slap the living fuck out of the runefapper, then get the cat back.

The endEdit

You escape. woo hoo.



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