Green Dragons are scaly, pyrotechilic sacks of money that have a life expectiacy lower than a "ClimbingBootsGate" Thread on recent updates. They reside in 2 locations, Wilderness and Chaos Tunnells, but due to their woeful Combat level (79), and guaranteed drop of 4k+ each, both areas will be an unholy clusterfuck of bots, cannons, pures, flamers and YOU!

Wilderness Green DragonsEdit

Orignally a "you bring more than 4 items you WILL be merked on sight" Zone, back in the "OLD" wilderness. These days, it has become a offical Dwarf Multicannon testing zone, blasting half of Clan Wars back to the Stone Age. The players range from some frog mouth level 47 pure who takes 4 hours to kill the only dragon you have a good vantiage point at, all the way to the 100+ goldfarmers who see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, but sure bot some evil. Along with the rare, show-offey git who goes around in monk robes 2-hitting the things with a soddin Obby Maul, which proves just how nerfed this place is, seriously, not even the Reverant attacks help, since most of the time, the Rev ork gets his spectrial ass handed to him on a silver platter by some level 90 legit.

tl;dr version - If you don't have 79+ combat and ninja-like're sort of fucked, amirite?

Chaos Tunnels Green RoomEdit

Bots, Bots, Bots, multi combat pile, Bots, annoying baby black dragons that make you want to support abortion, Bots, Portals, Bots, Bots, err...grey stone, More bots.....did I mentian bots?

Check ANY world, you will find it least 20 of them, yes, they paid rsorder £19.99 to have a bot run on their account, farm them 10mill, when in realitiy, a legit no-lifer could get that in 2 days.

PROTIP: Dropping a nature rune into the bloodworm/leech room, will cause 90% of the bots to take a seizure, and try doing a mad dash face first into the Wall of Shame

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