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This article can get you banned. If you are stupid enough to indulge in the behaviours described, DON'T SAY WE DIDN'T FUCKING WARN YOU!.

I was never warned, unless you count after the ban was applied as a warning...


You're working on it? How fucking slow are you Andrew?

The place to document the lies that Jagex tries to pass off!

Recent UpdatesEdit

Most lies come in this area, as Jagex realises when they've screwed up and they try to limit the damage- by lying like blazes.

  1. Rather than ‘nerf’ the boots or force players to buy other boots, we decided to raise the market price of the boots to reflect the price that players were actually paying in player-to-player trades.
    -Mod Mark lying about the reason they changed climbing boot prices.

  2. Andrew
    13-Apr-2009 10:50:02
    Last edited on 13-Apr-2009 10:51:01 by Andrew
    One thing I'm actively working on doing at the moment is removing some of the grand exchange price caps.
    - Note the date.

  3. Oh, as spotted by another player the "Bezerker" spec doesn't require a stance, increasing a spear wielder's DPS.
    ~ MMH ~
    Q:"If you upgrade the 'Tactician' part of the ring, can you only make use of this class by fighting in an 'accurate style'?"
    A:Yes, you have to be in accurate. You have to be in aggressive stance to utilise the berserker class.
    -From the FAQ for Dungeoneering 1.5
  4. Just about everything posted on Twitter, especially things beginning with "Coming this week"
  5. Mod Mark says, "The Combat Beta will have 10x the better graphics than the normal game" See picture.
    Combat Beta

    Mod Mark says the BETA will have 10x the better graphics.

  6. Mod Mark, the great fat liar, also states that, "The Choose Your Fate items will be some of the most powerful items ever seen in Runescape" Despite the fact that they cannot be used in PvP when the Bandos Godsword , the Chaotic Rapier and the Dragon Claws can all be used and are used in PvP.

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