DoingItRight copy

A "bugged" weapon.


Blueberry Popsicle.

Runescape uses the latest state-of-the-art graphics technologies of the 1980s to produce a virtual environment which rivals that produced by the Super Nintendo system. This level of stunning detail was only reached after 9 years of constant improvements from their crack team of trained baboons graphics designers.

The graphics of PruneScape are unheard of anywhere else in the world. Jagex's graphics team tries quite hard every day to make their game look a little more like World of Warcraft, however, they tend to fail daily. The black holes for eyes, and lack of facial features (other than an awkward nose) is the limit of their current game engine. Jagex likes to focus more on making weapons look "kiddish", and then justify changing other armour/weapons because players complained it looked "Kiddish". There are instances where Jagex does it right, but it's usually classified as a bug soon after and "Fixed".



Many players have attempted to explain to Jagex that making weapons like this is not necessary. Jagex claims that only a minority of players dislike this, yet they refuse to create an official poll on the topic.

This J-Mod accidentally his eye.

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