A Noobs reaction to having a loaned Bandos Godsword.

Godswords are super overpowered two-handed "shit-bringers" that are used mainly to kill most of the phycopathic retarded bosses that inhabit Prunescape.


When all the gods got pissed off at Zamorak for enviting everyone but them to his birthday party, they created the ledgendary godsword to fuck him right up the arse. But before they could, Armadyl and Bandos got into a fight about what special attack they should put on it. Bandos bitchslapped Armadyl and he trod on Bandos's foot. Saradomin tried to break up the fight with his magic notepad but he got pissed off at Bandos as well because Bandos is a prick. Armadyl then acciently punched Saradomin in the face and made all the gods pissed off at each other. Jagex failed to mention why the gods could never get the godsword for themselves yet some nooby pure on World 2 could buy a Bandos Godsword and spam the shit out of everyone nearby by yelling, "ZOMFG!!!!11 94 DAMAGE!!!!!1111 I AM THE BOSS!!!!!!!!!111".

We Can't Have anything nice...Edit

The godswords used to actually look pretty cool but then Fagex fucked them up with the shitty God Wars Dungeon update. No-one except noobs and Runefappers use them now, just in hope to somehow impress Zilyana or some girl they find who turns out be an annoying 12 year old MALE . Since the update, there have been many fights between Future Update Lurkers and the scum known as Jagex Apologists on the subject of the Zaros godsword that will never, ever , ever come out. Once again, Fagex gives us something cool but then fucks it up in hope to make more money.

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