We the players never get very much in the way of info on upcoming content, so we must treasure each and every hint we get, then wildly distort it to sailing/mounts/guns.


The main sources of info about future updates are Behind The Scenes, Postbag from the Hedge, and Q&A sessions, all of which get done whenever the hell Jagex feels like it. They never contain specifics, only very vague hints open to vast amounts of faulty interpretation.

Now we enter the epic battle between Jamflex and Hype. Back before Summoning came out, they decided that it would be a great idea to tell us just about everything about the skill before they could nail down a firm date of release. As a result, the release date kept getting pushed back again and again, leading to a ton of hype, and a whole lot of resentment from players.

Later with another new skill, they learned from their mistakes and decided to take a different strategy. They mentioned that a new skill was coming, but would say nothing more about it, creating an entirely different (and worse) kind of hype. These people just don't get it.

Release date estimate translationsEdit

No Jmod will ever state that a piece of content is coming out on a particular day/month/year, so they use vague phrases like "soon" to describe release dates. Here is a helpful guide to give you a better idea of the time-frame you are looking at.

"Very soon" - A few months from now.

"Soon" - One or two years/whenever the hell we feel like it.

"Right around the corner" - Within a decade

"On the schedule / at some point in the future" - Never

OMFG SAILING The Future Updates ForumEdit

This is the place where you can grossly distort any tiny scrap of information Jagex gives out to make it mean exactly what you want it to mean. If you enjoy rampant speculation with little to no evidence to support it, then this is the place for you. Check your facts and logic at the door, they won't be needed here.

This is also the place to beg Mod Emilee to release the week's update, as if that will accomplish anything at all. A good activity for stalkers.

Unsurprisingly, this whole forum was deemed by Jagex to be useless, and was deleted during Forumageddon, and nothing of value was lost.

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