Who is Free-to-Play for?Edit

Poor People/ Capitalists/ People with a life. If you aren't one of them, you will fall for the Jagex trap and become a member.


One of the few activities one can do in F2P.

Don't worry, by doing this, you can increase and improve your daily Runescape fix.

What does Free-To-Play have?Edit

Since the rise of MarkGerhard free-to-play has officially changed from a demo of the communist fun game designed by Andrew Gower. Free to play has recently been given magnificent updates such as Blood Pact, Bounty Hunter and forum access. In return, MMG asks that these players seek every members benefits, so that a new one can include: FLAMING FREE-TO-PLAY.

For everybody knows they are Noobs and have the same rights as Commander Zilyana.

What are the benefits of staying a cheapskate F2P?Edit

  • You keep $/€/£5-10 of your money every month.
  • You can spam the forums asking for members stuff.
  • You become one of these.
  • You can claim that you worked harder for some pixels.
  • You visit Runescape's Red Light District far more often.
  • And some other shite lots of other great-value for money activities...

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