Law Rune

The "Justice" System

Code of Laws:
The Official Rules of RuneScape
The Ten Commandments
Approved Opinions
The Jagex Riot Squad
Jagex Moderators
Dual Moderators
Player Moderators
Forum Moderators
Approved Snitches
Reward and Punishment:
Gagging orders
The Black Hole (retired)
Offical Non-Person Status
The Death Ray
Things You Shouldn't Mention if you Want To Keep Your Account:
Jagex's Greatest Moments
Jagex Logic
Flagstaff of Festivities
Things Jagex swore would never happen
Jagex to English Dictionary
Immutable Facts of RuneScape

Players of RuneScape

Whining PKers
Stormy Times
Player Moderators
L33t H4xx0r5
Ranked Members
Elite Levels
Nomad Beaters
High Levels
While Guthix Sleeps Beaters
The Average RuneScape Player
Forum Overlords
Forum Moderators
Forum Ranters
Low Levels
Whining PKers
Merch Clan Scum
Jagex Apologists

Forum Mod

Your average Forum Moderator preforming his duties

Forum Moderators are the supreme overlords of the RuneScape Forums. Some are normal players who have the honour of maintaining the forums so the Jagex critics don't get too angry. Many, however, are charged with making sure no dissent reaches Jagex's ears, and ensuring any offender gets dumped up to their neck in pure shit.

Remember, they are players first.

How to get Forum ModEdit

Go to rants forum and type 'dis is spam reported' in every thread. CONGRATZ ur a forum modz

F-mod PowersEdit

Forum Moderators have the power to declare anything and everything not to be a recent update, even if it was something that was the result of a change within the past few weeks. They can redefine the word "recent" to mean anything they want it to, and use that to eliminate anything that might possibly make Jagex look bad in any way.

They also have the power of unlimited, unquestioning support of every one of their actions by their J-mod overlords. They are always right, and you are always wrong, even if you can prove you were right. You're wrong, and you're banned!

Among their powers are the abilities to lock or move any thread for any arbitrary reason, hide posts that point out their flaws, instantly summon a Jmod to back up their stupid decisions, and best of all, the ability to make a snap judgement on a thread's contents based on its title/first line alone.


Crikey! Have a look at this one!Edit

In their natural habitat, the wild Forum Moderator is normally a very timid creature, but at the slightest perception of a possible thread, their extensive defense mechanisms will go into effect. NEVER, under ANY circumstances, are you to even TRY to make a joke around them. They have very tiny brains that aren't capable of understanding the human concept of "humor", and will attack ferociously to eliminate the threat.

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