A typical player "training" fletching

Fletching-iconFletching is a skill made by/for people who like to carve sticks and is the easiest/fastest skillcape to 'achieve'. It is actually less embarassing to be caught with your pants around your ankles outside Commander Zilyana's room than it is to wear a fletching skillcape.

Training FletchingEdit

By our Fletching editor Phil.T.Otalevel

Step 1: Get log

Step 2: Use knife on log to make a unstrung bow

Step 3: Use bowstring on unstrung bow

Step 4: Repeat until 99/bored/dead.

Gee, it sure is boring...Edit

My boy, this is what all massive noobs strive for, who want a skillcape regardless of what it is. Worthless 99? Horrible looking skillcape? Loads of people crowding around your level 87 arse telling you you're a noob? Who cares? I don't see their skillcapes! Oh...trimmed Magic cape on that pure...Hunter cape on that level 93... (even if he did bot it) Okay, this sucks...I am a noob...

*gets pked by some nutter abusing a glitch*


Other uses of FletchingEdit

404 Error. Other uses of Fletching not found.

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