Quest DetailsEdit

Description - Runefappers are nasty buisiness, Maybe the Drunks that live under the Mountain can help.
Released - 28th May 2002
Start - Speak to Wifebeater wearing Vestri or Australian Austri.
Difficulty - Grandmaster
Length - Very long (10 days if you play nonstop)
Members - No


Items Required
Note: All the items cant be obtained during the quest.

  • 5 Moneys
  • Onion Garlic
  • Cooking rod
  • Digging up thing
  • Red frogs
  • Herblore pass

Monsters to kill or fish.

  • Big fish (Level 901)
  • Net (Level impossible)

Walkthrough Edit

Wifebeater wearing Vestri and Australian AustriEdit

Talk to Wifebeater wearing Vestri or Australian Austri, Ignore the smell and ask them if you can invade their home to steal their booze, take a minecart to a city and get to the other side of Runefapper Mountain, They want you to Cook or buy a redberry pie Stop purple wearing guys from killing goblins get them a gold trophy, sorry guys, put away that Smithing skillcape, You can't make it. You obtain a Herblore pass to enter the Dungeoneering Contest

Red frogsEdit

Invade a forest (Yeah, you must love trespassing, jerk) and dig up some Red worms Frogs to mine.

The contestEdit

Give your drug pass and moneys to some guy, Shove some Garlic in Fagex's idea box and watch the Sinister Shit move away from it, wow, you suck at ideas, Use your red Frogs as bait and you use Agility to obtain a Giant ass fish. Give it to Mod Mark to get a trophy.

Wifebeater wearing Vestri and Australian Austri, Part 2Edit

Head back to Wifebeater wearing Vestri or Australian Austri and give one of them the trophy, they say No, but being the deaf fuck you are assume that means yes.


1 Point of Nomad

2437 Fishing experience- Wait, what has this got to do with fishing?

Shortcut under Runefapper Mountain/Dick of Guthix