Fishing-iconThe main source of food in Runescape, the Fishing skill allows you to catch an increasingly improbable array of sea creatures in continually improbable ways.

Fishing LocationsEdit

BP vs RuneScape

RuneScape has its own problems with oil extraction in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves.

Methods of TrainingEdit

Simply stand on the shoreline, throw your instrument of choice into the water and wait for the dumbest fish in the universe to jump into your arms.

Net fishing: You can catch anything from shrimp all the way up to bass and monkfish just by throwing a net a few feet into the water, Sadly, no dolphins are harmed when you do this.

Fly and Bait fishing: The more traditional method (minus a small boat and a cooler full of beer). Things like Pike, Salmon and Trout are caught this way. Preferred by botters for its speed.

Lobster Pots: Prepare for long hours at the Karamja docks surrounded by cries of "AMGG FIRE PL0XXXXXXXXXXX".

Harpooning: Another common way to bot to 99, harpooning sharks was the best way to level until rocktails came along, and was 3x better.

Barbarian fishing: What's more unrealistic than spearing a shark right out of the water? Grabbing it with your bare hands, bro, totally alpha.

Fishing Trawler: Want to AFK for 10 minutes with a few dozen of your closest friends while a few idiots do all the work for you? Well don't worry, you too can be on a boat!

Living rock caverns: Enjoy fishing for some deformed fish in a dark cave while a big Rock-like-thing smashes your cranium. Fun, right?


So after you bot your way to the top, what is waiting for you? Not much really. At level 68, you can access the fishing guild which contains slightly fewer noobs in exchange for 30% more pain in the ass. Level 90 allows you the use of shark-shaped gloves that give you more experience for defying death.

As your fishing and agility levels get higher, you occasionally have the ability to catch more than one fish at once, which seems completely legit.

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