Requirements: Nothing, this is a nooby quest.

Length: Short as shit.

Members: Oh what the fuck do you think?

Difficulty: NOOB SHIT

Items Required: Probably full bronze, but can you afford that?

Monsters to kill: A Hobo scorpion with AIDS, a local drunk, a fucked up dog who can't close its mouth and if you want to, a bullshit skull fucker on Ranarr Weed.

It's Not the Hunger GamesEdit

First of all, its not the Hunger Games... and if you would actually want to find the Hunger Games, I hope you die alone in a big hole full of spiders, spears, and Chinese shit. Start by talking to some bitch who goes on about an arena. Now you need to rescue her hobo family. So go to the arena and try steal some clothes and a key or some shit like that. Then some bastard will say you need to fight in the arena.

The 3 ShitsEdit

Khazard ogre

Local pub folk

Your fist "Terrifying" monster is this massive fucking scorpion. The game names it just "Khazard Scorpion" and not "Biggest fucking scorpion I ever fucking seen!" Another reason why Jagex is bullshit . This scorpion is literally easier than shit on a stick. Its got this incredibly slow attack rate and can't hit higher than shit. You'll pwn it faster than how fast that noob in full iron dies at Soul Wars .

Your next fucker is just the towns local drunk. Jagex actually tried to make this monster look as much like Mod Mark as possible but we all know that Mod Mark is the Wall Beast.

Lastly, you have to fight a poor dog. For some gay reason, it can't shut its mouth and therefore, probably can't bite very hard so it actually will try to headbutt you to death, A useless battle tactic commonly used by Dark Beasts. Apparently its like the idiot with the skull's favourite dog or something but like every other quest monster in existance, the EOC has truly fucked this up so badly that it is now easier than a shit with wings.

Now you can either leave or fight the most bullshit person you will ever meet. His face looks like its made of birdshit and he's obviously always tripping his fucking balls off.

None of these dicks actually understand how to walk around something so they will get fucked if you just use a safespot. QUEST COMPLETE!!

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