Can't you just feel the intense gameplay action?

Farming is Jagex's idea of making players wait 5 hours for some bloody potatoes to die. It is seen as one of the most pointless things ever to come out of 2005. The intention was to make profit from growing crops, but due to the Grand Exchange's amazing price-scripts, it usually costs more for 1 seed than the entire harvest- though there rare exceptions, so keep your bloody mouth shut about them. Unfortunately you ACTUALlY have to train this skill, in case Jagex decide to give the Abyssal Whip a 85 Farming requirment, which of course will never happen.

How to train farmingEdit

-Plant stuff-

-Wait 2 hours-

-Dead crops-

-Plant stuff again-

-Wait 2 hours-

-Dead crops (again)-

-Plant more stuff again-

-Wait 2 hours-

-Yey! 20 exp-

-Plant stuff-

-Wait 2 hours-

-Get Pk'ed due to a glitch-


Exciting isn't it?

Other uses for FarmingEdit

Pointless Quest Requirements

The ability to pull a plant out of a wall in Deamonheim (honest to god, do you really need 90 farming to cut the end off a psychdelic blue plant?)

Some sort of Minesweeper rip-off called "Vinesweeper" OH NOEZ I DUG UP A POTATO!! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!111111

NOTE: The editor can verify that this is the case, having had to no-life 61 farming for some pointless quest requirements. Although not entirely pleased about being reminded of this trauma, at least he knows that this is PROFESHUNAL ARTYKUL.

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