Also known as "If Dr Suess tripped on acid and wrote his own version of The Godfather Trillogy Part 3", is an incoherent, glitchy, confusing, overhyped abomination of something Jagex seem to have called "a quest".

It was also released with a DirectX (HD) support update, which is about as stable as a raw hunk of Plutoium-239

Quest requirmentsEdit

Level 59 Magic
Level 54 Waiting for stuff to grow
Level 51 Government
Level 37 Pokémon
Level 36 Wasting money by making hardleather bodies
Ability to survive a quest the equivalent of a Mach 4 trainwreck while on LSD.

First of all you need to talk to the tooth fairy, the one wearing the commander uniform, who will show you a movie about how fairys use teeth as a form of nercomansicy to create screwed up creatures made of ivory.

well...It least nothing weird has happened yet.

She will then give a briefing of how you are suppost to perform dential sugery on 3 ork commanders, plant their teeth in magicial farming patches, and shoot sparklily lasers at them while they beat the living shit out of an old man trying to throw ghost fish at you and insisting that you sleep with them. (it could be worse....I just don't know how thats even physicaly possable)

*autosaving article incase of computer death*

'Quest' rewardsEdit

2 quest points (making Von Bolt's requiem no longer needed for the helmet of trials)

A headache

35000 exp in total

A useless magic watering can

The ability to use the fairy rings without a staff (which may result in Giygas GLITCHAIDS at ape atoll)

Free access to the market (which has more scammers in it than World 1 back in 2007)