Fail is what RuneScape is mainly constructed with. It is a very important part of the game, and is used as a base material for the majority of RuneScape's updates, including Gunnar's Ground, The Void Stares Back and Mobilising Armies. Interestingly, there exists such a thing called Mobilising Armies Syndrome, in where an update is hyped up to a gigantic degree, but turns out to be astronomically shit to the point where not even a thousand updates and fixes can save, and no one cares anyway.
Soccer Fail 2

Mod Mark playing Soccer (Real Football) against the players

But why do so many things contain fail for?Edit

Generally, it can either be because it was a rubbish idea badly implemented, the victim of a rush-job, or because the people who create and run RuneScape - Jagex - are generally incompetent, with little programming skills and even less understanding of how their MMORPG works. This leads many people to think they don't play their own game, this is false of course, they generally log into World 1 Lumbridge for around 10 minutes, absorb a ton of flattery and brown nosing from hopelessly addicted 13 year old boys, and then log off in order to hide from an increasingly large amount of complaints regarding glaring flaws in the game cater to their large customer base.

Jagex are generally known for being consistent with the community, although sadly not in the idea way. For example, let them know that a price manipulation clan is breaking the game's patchy and convoluted rules, as well as being massively disruptive, and they will hide any threads, or move them to Rants so that the 13 year old attention whores can spam them with outdated memes.

(It should be noted, the real reason Jagex sided with Smokin Mils during PrayerPotionGate was because some of the higher ranked members of the clan were in fact Player Moderators, who were shortly banned afterwards)

Gallery of FailEdit


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