Combat Beta

Mod Mark says the BETA will have 10x the better graphics.

The Evolution of Combat is Jagex's on-going quest to try and drag Runescape's increasingly bizarre and antiquated combat system into the 20th century. Much like a level 3 attempting to defeat Nomad, this has had varying degrees of success.


On September 28th, 2012, Jagex released a massive update which instantly had a measurable impact on gameplay. By which I mean that whole systems and strategies of combat which had been honed over months and years were wiped out, and players were suddenly thrown into a system where they had literally no idea what would work. This stroke of brilliance was met by a large number of very ungrateful players rioting.

Combat LevelsEdit

EoC appealed to teenage boys who think that the number next to something is what's important, with bigger always being better. Hence instead of a max combat level of 138 which was arrived at by arcane rules that nobody understood, now it is an entirely different and better 200- arrived at by arcane rules which nobody understands. The highest monsters are the Purple Rabbit and the BIGGEST FUCKING DRAGON EVA at level 220. (The QBD also has 500K life points.) Meaning nearly everything you fight will be a lower level that you. All gnomes are now level 60. Dark Beasts are 150. Men and women are 6 but Lucien still gets to be 750. Which is the number of microseconds it took the Dragonkin to kill him.


Now you only get xp after the enemy dies, like slayer. Simple as that. Combat has also become noticeable more difficult and slow to train, because Jagex predictably ensured that experience would bizarrely be lower after a kill, despite doing so not becoming any easier. Except in the case of Nomad.


The G.E has also been destroyed, as nobody is quite aware of what each item should be. There are reports of off-hand bronze daggers being sold to confused vererans for somewhere in the region of two party hats and a toy horsey.


Now everything except bosses have weaknesses to certain attack styles and are resistant to everything else. On the plus side, mages- who spent years being screwed over by the insane cost of spells and the much lower damage- now absolutely romp through slayer assignments. On the downside, good luck finding a stab weapon that does anything resembling damage.


Lastly, the release of the Eoc has introduced even more armour into the game. Every bit of armour now has an armour rating and increases your lifepoints depending on the armour. You all must realize that this is a huge rip-off from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and all the other Elder Scrolls games. Plagiarism is no stranger to Jagex, who were "inspired" to introduce abilities, dual wielding, having magic and a sword in each hand, critical hits and storing gear in your house.  Who said that creativity was dead?

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