This quest is about some retarded dwafe who makes you his bitch...

Requirements: Im not even sure, Some smithing levels that your going to have anyway...

Length: However long a 'Games Of Thrones' episode and a masturbation sesion is

Difficulty: Meh, I could still do it one-handed

Items: Some lube, and Its a hammer (I think)

Monsters: Some dam Nigga Goblin whos been toying with your stuff

Start off with talking to some cunt dwafe

You accept to be his bitch and he sends you off to slay some cunt goblins or something, You also have to fix some fuckin fences or something. ( I used this time to have a quick wank )

You then fix his broken cannon by hitting with your hammer, because hitting stuff always fixes shit in this game.

Still the cunt wants more, after a violent rage cut-scene where the dwafe viciosuly tears apart your ass you are assigned to find a shit mould. Apparently you cant buy one from the G.E so you must talk too more cunts to get one made.

THats basicly all the quest is, You get a few shit exp out of it... Thats it !?! Its like 2k fuckin exp... Jegex hand out exp all the fuckin time with its squeal of fortune shit so why should I care about quest exp ??! NO FUCK THIS SHIT IM GOING HOME !?

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