Typical Player reaction to losing 100m in a stake

The Duel Arena is a large galadoral arena designed to be the quickest possable way to lose your entire bank since merchant clans. It is located Adam West of Al Kharid, if you end up in a room full of floating books, you've gone too far, if you end up in Lumbrigde, you've gone the wrong way, and if you end up in Manchester....then you should stop reading, as you clearly need psychotheropy.

The "honourable" pasttime of staking?Edit

As much as kicking the shit clean out of each other with your entire banks without risk of "divine intervention" from Compost mound spammers, lvl 3 looters and loony bin magi flying around, it does get boring fast, which is why you are alowd to gamble here (well actually you could duel anywhere with stakes since rsc, but Jagex love recycling things and passing them off as new updates)

Duel arena


Professional UnGuide to StakingEdit

  1. Always make up your own rules as you go along when advertising a stake, "Staking 2m dds'ing" usually means you have a vesta longsword.
  2. If in a stupid stake of 100M+, your opponent may be praying to God for victory.....counter this by Praying to Odin, C'thulhu, Zeus, Eris, Buddia, Tom Cruise and Captain Planet at once, surely a ton of dietys will work better
  3. The more you scream, swear and smash the computer screen, the more likely you will win
  4. The Golden rule is this: If you can't beat them.....CHEAT!

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