Dragon Claws special attack


This article uses a lot of sweary words. Don't read this unless you watch The Thick Of It a lot and you have a high swearing tolerance.

If you come up against a guy with these, you are fucked.

How you're fuckedEdit

These bad boys can hit into the 70s 700s with their special attack, and it has 2 to work with. You = fucked.

How to fuck others like thisEdit

1. The stupid wayEdit

The first way to get these involves completing a long and pointless quest with stupid requirements. This requires completing almost every quest in existence. Then, after you have done this, camp 25/8 at Tormented Demons in the highly unlikely event that you get a drop better than 3K coins. Even then, you'll probably end up with a shard of dragon metal, which is a part of a single platebody that is worth far more than a whole set of armour that actually does something.

2.The sensible wayEdit

Alternatively, RWT your own set of these, along with a set of Bandos armour, and account-share a fire cape. Then sit in a hotspot with "Protect from Melee" on and spec away. In short, be a bitch.

A final afterthought for others who are fuckedEdit

Still, us at the Wiki aren't stupid enough to PK, so we're fine. We're not gonna lose any money in a special attack that is more deadly than Hiroshima. So you know what? NOMFuP.

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