A Dice bag is a bag of dice (If we needed to tell you that, please go to some other wiki. You do not belong here). It can be bought from furuck's toy store in Al Kharid for 10 coins, and nobody owns one for 2 reasons:

  1. Due to the economy crash, it is impossible to gain 10 coins without killing the economy even more.
  2. It's a useless piece of Sh*t.

Despite the fact that there is no point to it, Jagex made it so that players can make up their own games. This attempt failed also for two reason:

  1. Both of the reasons that nobody owns one.
  2. We already have minigames that suck, such as Stealing creation or dungeoneering. We don't need to make ones that suck even more.

However, since we have a page on this useless item, we might as well tell you about its features instead of just telling you why it sucks.

Features of the Dice bagEdit

The Dice bag contains dice. More specifically, it contains dice with different numbers of sides:

  • one four sided die
  • one six sided die
  • one eight sided die
  • a pair of dice that add up to twelve.
  • an actual twelve sided die.
  • a twenty sided die
  • two 10-sided dice that somehow end up adding up to 100.


  • There is a pair of dice and a single die that both add up to 12. The difference between them is that you can actually roll a 1 on one twelve die and not on the dice. This is one of Jagex's few moments of smartness when they thought to do something right.
  • However, They also introduced a 4 sided die. If you have ever seen a 4 sided die (aka tetrahedron) then you know that it doesn't work because when one face is on the ground, a point is in the air and not a side. This explains Jagex's brainwave with the 12 sided dice: They used up their thought on that and had nothing to keep them from adding this.
  • Jagex's faulty math has led them to believe that 10 plus 10 adds up to 100, as this perfectly describes the concept behind the 100-sided dice.

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