Dharok the Wretched is one of the six Barrows Brothers who is located at...well...Barrows. He wields a dirty great axe, and seems to be pretty handy with it, what with there being a wooden grave marker sign near him. Dharok is like the Hulk, hurting him only makes him angry, and when he's angry, he goes to the Rants forum his strength doubles, meaning he can take your head clean off with a 600. For that reason, people tend not to fuck with him...unless they're using Protect from Melee, in that case they're safe. When people plan to waste their time at Barrows for some worthless chaos runes, they tend to kill Dharok first, unless he's gone AWOL from his tomb, in that case you got trolled. U mad bro, etc etc.

Theres apparantly some deep backstory to Dharok and the other Barrows Brothers, but no one gives a shit. He's mainly pissed about being called 'Wretched' though, as apparently he was pretty cool guy. He kills nameless bad guys with his axe and doesn't afraid of anything. Most people forget about this and just use his armour set instead. Yup, thats right, you can use Dharok the Wretched's set of armour. With the axe, with the set effect, with the free dessert spoon.

Dharok's armour set - IT DOES STUFF!Edit

First things first, its not pink unlike the ghostly form of Dharok himself. That would be stupid. And gay. Anyway, the set is a favorite of Worthless Max Hit Noobs (WMHN) because of their ability to do DOUBLE DAMAGE, GWARGH. Thing is, most 'max hit' methods are less consistent than an explosive space hopper, and this is Inconsistency 2000. The axe itself is slower, weaker, and less accurate than your standard outdated Godsword. Which generally means for training (or just about anything else in the game) you're better off using another weapon.

Back when you could do a form of 4-iteming in PvP areas, using Dharok's set was a 'no skill' method of getting kills. Nowadays, that doesn't happen, and anyone who attempts it gets pointed and laughed at. Even for safe PvP activities like Clan Wars, its shit there, because of a little overused thing called a Korasi's Sword, which only moderately harms the viability of the set. The set itself is ridiculously overpriced, due to constant price manipulation and noobs losing the helmets. Luckily, the body and leg armour of the set is more reasonably priced, its just the crap looking helmet that runs you several million.

The only notable use of the set effect is when you're figh...Fuck it, it doesn't have any uses.

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