Long, long ago, 3 WOW players fell victim to a devious plot by Comrade Gower. He lured them to a deep dark cavern under the pretense of an UBER EPIC RAID with many noobs to be pwned, and wenches to be swooned. Little did they know they were to be trapped there for all eternity.

Deprived of their computers, these three quicly mutated into hideous gray monsters with severe anger issues. They amuse themselves by playing Dungeons and Dragons with dice made out of adventurer bones and...

The remainder of this section has been removed for the sake of common decency, now go wash your hands.


This is one of the only areas in the game where they actually attempted to make the Combat Triangle work. Prime uses magic and is weak to range, Supreme uses range and is weak to melee, Rex uses melee and is weak to pretty colors.

The usual method is to get one or more people who bring both melee and range attack methods who attack Prime and Supreme, and one magic-user who traps and kills Rex.

The method relies on having only one of the kings attacking you at once, which makes it very easy to murder your partners if they aren't paying attention. Back in the days before gravestones, people would lure prime over to the mage and LOLURDEAD then take his stuff. Many lulz were had, and many bans delivered.


All 3 drop a giant shiny red axe which is now mostly obsolete. They also drop rings which help in the same area of combat that they each use.

Rex drops one ring that boosts your strength bonus, and one that boosts your slash attack and defense bonuses.

Prime's ring boosts your magic.

Supreme's ring helps your range.

All boosts are +4, but they are among the rings that can be upgraded at Mobilising Armies.

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