Crawling hand lol

Crawling hands require 5 Slayer to kill and can be found in the Canifis Slayer Tower. They are... basically the result of certain humans spending too much of their free time staring at cows, penguins and Commander Zilyana, and being oblivious of the mysterious Mugger Level 6 approaching them with knife in hand...

Evidence for this theory:

  • Crawling hands appear to be human hands. They are too big to have belonged to any monster and much too big to have belonged to player characters.
  • Crawling hands are all right hands.

Fighting Crawling HandsEdit

Ok, why do you even want to know? Just click on them while wielding a semi-decent weapon and they die. Go kill banshees or something... Seriously, you'll make much better money.

If, for whatever reason, you are a player with a somewhat decent combat level and have these as a slayer task, maybe you should kill zombie hands(they're not interested in brains,) or skeletal hands(they wish they had a bone to pick with Zilyana) instead.

Worthwhile DropsEdit

Weapons and Armour

  • Rune Spear(This drop is rarer than uncooked beef)
  • Dragon Spear(This drop is rarer than a cooked rune spear)
  • Shield left half(lol why are you even reading this?)
  • Mystic Gloves(pretty colours!)
  • Coloured handkerchiefs gloves


  • Sapphire ring
  • Emerald ring
  • Ruby ring
  • Uncut sapphire
  • Uncut emerald
  • Uncut ruby
  • Uncut diamond

Other Crap

  • Crawling hand corpse(hang it on your house's wall and show it to your Saradomin GWD friends)
  • Tooth half of a key(you better wash it!)
  • Loop half of a key(it's loopy!)

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