Corporeal Beast

You can't kill me!

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This is a dangerous article. Make sure you have adequate health insurance before reading.
The Corporeal Beast (a.k.a. the Corp, Corp Beast, the Beast, Barney the Dinosaur, Fred, Cuthbert Farquar or Mr Big Shoe) is a big nasty monster. It has a Combat level of 785, 20,000 HP and the ability to LOLURDEAD you pretty fast.
Location on World map
Chaos Elemental
Wilderness Volcano Corporeal Beast Dungeoneering
Fist of Guthix

Corp's melee maxes at 513, and its Magic at 650.. Luckily you can ruin it in a team or else you're fucked. It has very high defence and Hitpoints No shit Sherlock! Players with no life have been able to kill the beast by soloing it. Glitch abusers could also kill it.

Oddly, Jagex decided not to send the infamous Jagex Riot Squad after those traitors.

Remember, this guy eats Registeels Steel Titans for breakfast, so your l33t, H4xx0r5 skills will only piss this tough guy off.

So, unless you're a fan of Zilyana, the only reason you have for being here are some incredibly, enriching, common drops.

What to bring?Edit

You're facing a bloody great beast, who's arguably tougher than Von Bolt. Don't worry. If you die, one of the other nutters will bless your grave.

What this massive bastard drops!Edit

SIGILS! THEY'LL MAKE YOU RICH! THEY'LL MAKE YOU WEALTHY! THEY'LL MAKE YOU FINANCIALLY SECURE! THEY ALSO...erm...fuck over PruneScape's economy? Don't worry, Jagex don't expect you to no-life to find those exclusively rare drops.

Also, some other stuff. You won't care, but here it is anyway.


  • 13. Why such a random number? Charming, I guess.

Weapons, armour and ammoEdit

Who fucking cares? I want an elysian sigil!

Essence and runesEdit

More crap to get in your way.


  • 40 Antipoison++ (4) (noted) Random drop is random.

Ores, bars, gems, and jewelleryEdit

Regen bracelet and filler.

Others, oh look, lots and lots of assorted crap!Edit

At this point, the drop table was looking a bit empty. Jagex scanned the item databases, multiplied anything by a certain amount to make a drop worth 200k or so, and also added in a random Nature Talisman to fuck people over. LOOK. RANARR SEEDS. LOOK. RAW SHARKS. LOOK. GP. LOOK. NATURE TALLY. WAIT, WHAT?

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