Coal is something that burns. You can get it by mining it. Sometimes when you mine it it gives you gems.

Okay, can I go now?

No. ~Angel

But that's about as much as I can say about it.

I don't care. Make something up. ~Angel

So... yeah. In the real world it can burn but for some reason you can't burn it in Runescape.

  • Oh yeah, and you need it to make steel, mithril, adamant, and rune stuff. Which is basically the only reason that anyone wants it.

The better the metal, the more coal you need, because that only makes sense. You wouldn't think that this is a problem, but when you start having to pay 3.2k gold in addition to the 8k gp you already need for rune ore, it starts getting annoying, especially after you find out that you won't make money by making rune platebodies at 99 smithing. (The reason it's essentially a useless skill.)

Good job. You're fired. ~Angel

That makes no sense...

You're still fired. ~Angel

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