The climbing boots,yet another of Jagex's fantastic ideas!

They use to be a few 100 gp each,but as of 24th June 2010

They got changed to 75,000 becauce of their amazing +2! strength bonus which was obviously too overpowered for a few 100 gp

The big problem with this is there 45k alch price which gave people millions of gp

Jagex(Mod Mark) was honestly saying that the highest amount a player had was 1.8k and that they believe that it is not worthy of a rollback and 100% fair as they thought the street price was 75k anyway.

This led to a load of people rioting about random crap that isn't to do with climbing boots in w66 the usual messages of:

  • "we pay we say1111"
  • "bring back old wild1111"
  • "stfu jagex are amazing1111"
  • "rollback 2 2003!@!@!"

Also people with 1k+ climbing boots had eboners over this and started jerking off to their climbing boots while alching them

The picture you see is a picture of the mad players who didnt have any climbing boots and swore to secretly murder jagex

there was also alot of mudkipz on the forums and many rage quitters and people declaring an epic war on Jagex which obviously means something (mudkipz,facepalm pics of mod mark,)

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