Chaelder is a deranged psychopath with a extreme fetish for Jelly, who was hired as a "Slayer Master" under equal oppertuites employment, along with a blue cloaked Father/Daughter team deathly afraid to assign anything more powerful than Care Bears, puppies, bunnies and small children.

She is imfamious for giving Jellys as a slayer task approxamitly 98.937(repeating)% of the time, the rest being some complete shit that wrecks most of your Hp off per kill, gives exactly 5.6 slayer exp per task and has a drop table only slightly better than the Kalphite Queen

Warning: before choosing Chaelder as your slayer master, consult a doctor (or a highly trained occultist), Side effects may include: headaches, Short-term memory loss, Long-term sanity loss, Diabetes, mindrape, seeing acid flashbacks of fairys shoplifing packets of jelly from ASDA, climbing boots, cravings for jelly, death and in extreme cases actualy finding a good dungeon team in w117.

Assignment ListEdit

Monster [1]
Aberrant Jellys
Blue Jellys
Brine Jellys
Bronze Jellys
Cave Jellys
Moar Cave jellys
Crawling jellys
Dust Jellys (eww)
Elven Jelly (20% taller)
Fever Jelly
Fire Jelly (melts too fast)
GargoJelly (requires jelly hammer to kill)
Harpie Jelly swarms (still crap exp)
Jungle strykejellys (no, they still won't give me a ****ing hexcrest)
Infernal Jellys (may cause demonic heartburn)
Jelly ZOMFG!!!! JELLY!!!!!! JEEELLLLLYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!1111111
Jungle Jelly (gf trying to get past customs with this)
Kuraselly (now banana flavour thanks to monkeys and loot tables)
Lesser Jelly (Thy was not worthy of whipped cream and stawberrys)
Mutated zygomijellys (They even hate themselves for existing)
Shadow Jellys
Jelly Trolls
Warped Jellys

...did someone just say jelly....?






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