Cave slime

Cave Slime in their natural habitat

Cave Slime are monsters that are known to frequently infect players with green haterade. They require 17 Slayer to kill.

It is believed that when developing monsters, one of the content mods sneezed onto a blank sheet of paper. One of his colleagues who was just passing by remarked that the paper contained "great concept art" and that he "can't wait to see that monster in game."

When they were first released, players had mixed opinions about these monsters(which they thought looked more like chunky mucus than slime.)

Among their thoughts were:

"This monster is pretty interesting, it looks like it just flu here from Cambridge!"

"It snot funny!"

"Booger off Jagex!"

"I guess Jagex nose where it came from..."

"Now that's just cold! I hope I don't get it..."

"AAAH... AAAAAH... A Choob!"

And the even more disturbing:



"Will you marry me, Mod Boogery?"

Fighting Cave SlimeEdit

Cave Slime can be found in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves and Dorgesh-Kahn's Southern dungeon. They also can appear when a player is raiding Daemonheim. They aren't very powerful but if they attack you(even if they miss,) there's a good chance that you'll be infected with poison(when the content mod sneezed, he wasn't feeling too well...) The best way to deal with this is to either use superantipoison potions or range/mage them from a safespot. You can also just use food or a healing familiar to deal with the poison since the poison is more deadly than their regular attacks.

Also, if killing them in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves, bring a flameless lightsource such as the Seers' Headband or bullseye lantern as the stinky gases in the caves will cause open lightsources to explode and possibly LOLURDEAD you.

Worthwhile DropsEdit

Cave Slime will always drop Damp Boogers Swamp Tar. If you wish, you can pick it up but it can take up a lot of space in your inventory.

Weapons and Armour(Why the hell would that Jmod have this stuff in his nose?!)

  • Shield left half(Yeah right...)
  • Dragon Spear(Good luck getting one of these lol)
  • Rune Spear(What?! No Britney Spears?!)
  • Incantor's Boots(These are Daemonheim's climbing boots)

Herbs(So Jmods "train Herblore" too...That explains a lot)

  • Grimy Ranarr
  • Grimy Irit(if you're low level)
  • Grimy Avantoe
  • Grimy Kwuarm
  • Grimy Lantadyme
  • Grimy Dwarf Weed

Other Drops(We might never know how these got into that Jmod's nose)

  • Uncut Gems(Was the sneezing Jmod a Gemini or did he have a Gem in eye?)
  • Loop key half(Froot Loops! Part of this balanced breakfast.)
  • Teeth key half(These teeth are like this since their owner didn't use the toothbrush that dentists trust most: Oral B!)
  • Level 1 Clue Scroll(Stick your hand up your nose and start digging for treasure!)
  • 1-6 Damp Boogers Swamp Tar(if you want...)

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