Not us.

Do we look like the sort of website which will tell you just how many Runefappers you should kill to get your 72 strength?

No, we don't.

But I NEEEEEEED to work out the exp-Edit

Yes, but we're not going to tell you how. Well, not specifically.

Go to your skills information, divide your experience to the next level by your experience gain and VOILA!

Gimme a hint man!Edit

Ok... *sigh*. Fletching is a piece of piss, just make yew longbows at a rate that most bots can't match. Magic will require you to RWT your way to a stack of Nature Runes, which require either ages grinding with RuneCrafting or a visit to the RuneScape Casino.

I need a bit more than that!Edit



Fine. Go to the boring Wiki. They will have everything all nicely laid out for you in pretty colours. When we're feeling nice, we might decide to wipe your bottom for you. In the meantime, people like you who want free XP are killing RuneScape.

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