You thought April was bad? Three almost completely irrelevant updates and a fix to a massive flaw in the game that took several years to finally do? Well...May looks to be even worse.

Capes of DistinctionEdit

(at the time of writing this update has already been added to RuneScape)

Show off!

Yeah, thats the entire concept for this update. To show off. No one likes a show off. Do you like a show off? I certainly don't. At least they get what comes to them - you can call a guy wearing full Torva a show off, then laugh at him because the value of the set is dropping like a rock. Getting back on topic, and adding yet more generally useless capes and equipment to the game, Jagex decided to waste a week's development time on "Look at me I'm wearing a silly cape!" The only capes with actual use were available to 0.001% of RuneScape's playerbase.

Verdict: Quickly forgotten, only the 138s benefitted.

Lava Flow MineEdit

See also Artisan's Workshop and Livid Farm.

Providing you've wasted your time with the rushed quest that was King of the Dwarves, you can now do a Mining-based minigame where you run around like a blue-arsed flea trying to stop everything from imitating Virtus prices and smashing to bits. The entire reward base apparently consists of a 2.5% Mining exp boost.

Verdict: Added nothing to the game apart from a training method.

Death HatsEdit

Hate haet hat.

Verdict: Predictably useless.

Two small paragraphs of things that aren't main updatesEdit

1. Badly needed fixes that Jagex can't be arsed to do straight away

2. Graphical updates to a game with naturally bad graphics.

Fremennik SagasEdit

"More Fremennik stuff? Seriously? Isn't there enough already?"

Three mini-quest things that no one really knows what to expect, and probably don't care enough anyway because they're impatiently waiting to see if anything interesting is planned for June. Anyway, the first one is basically going around as Thok and hitting people - not much to say. Second one is "aren't we funny" as you go around as a Forgotten Warrior and hitting people. Not much to say. And the third one involves those three people on the RuneScape homepage, who were they again?

Verdict: Its 31 May and its not been released. May's most potentially useless update has been delayed to June...

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