Good day everyone!

In this month's Behind the Scenes, we bring you four more updates (Shut up at the back...about Do No Evil...what does it matter if content is a day late?)

(It renders the BTS pointless if you're not going to release content on the month you set it. - Stormy)

I said, SHUT UP AT THE BACK! Anyway, these means you can look forward to a month without no-update weeks.

Warrior's Guild Improvements and Dragon DefenderEdit

Our first update features a update to the Warrior's Guild. Tired of annoying kids boring on about a stupid and pointless Dragon Defender, we...actually added them to the game. Theres also a new monster called the Cyclossus, a giant masked guy who's like the worlds most obnoxious random event crossed with Gordon Brown. This drops the Cyclopean Helmet, which does...absolutely nothing.

We know the Dragon Defender has always been a wanted update, so you can count this as the only time we actually listen to players who aren't whining Pkers screaming about how PvP has been ruined for the millionth time. You'll literally be killing each other to get these defenders! (because even PvP worlds were full of people trying to get a dragon defender.)

Damage SoakingEdit

Remember how worthless the Dungeoneering shields were after you realised the Knowledge Base was wrong again? (Fancy that.) Well we're going to add random underwhelming damage soak percentages to a variety of armour, although we'll add in our useless Damage - 200 % soaking percentage = actual damage taken formula which means the whole thing will be completely pointless. This will then be passed off as a Defence update. The pkers will whine, but who gives a toss what they think?

Damage ControlEdit

Too thick to realise when some moron is maging you? Well in this update, we plan to make it overly obvious whenever you deal any type of damage. Because we didn't think about it for more than 20 seconds, in any busy place there'll be more icons on the screen than Paddy Fisher's desktop, which was voted the messiest in Western Europe. We've even had the decency to show you what it looks like...AGAINST THE FUCKING FINAL BOSS OF DEAMONHEIM.

Christmas Event 2010Edit

Thought this month's updates were a bit crap? Well its because we'd gone and put all our developers into this year's Christmas event, set in Deamonheim. Of course, it will have some massive glitch in it like always, but we've tacked on our Heim Crab joke, which is twice as tacked on and half as funny as Bo Selecta's pointless swearing. Bah, humbug.

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