MC Bal'Lak

37% more violent that the Hip Hop Awards

Oh I like big demons and I can not like, You otha botters can not deny!!

*Defence bar hits 100%"

*0* you can't touch this, *0* Dun dun dun *0* dun dun du dun *0* *repeat riff*

Hammers hit me so hard, makes me say oh BAL'LAKS!!!

I ain't gonna solo that thing, if you know what I mean

It feels good, when you down that thing

Get a primal warhammer made of pure bling bling

(Ok thats enough)

And I'm known as such, this is a defence level, you can't touch

*Main choris kicks in while the leader does some kicking himself*

Fresh new stomp attacks, Advance

Check out my new graphics, I know you wanna dance


Hard to believe we were stuck with this twat as a final boss for 4 months....

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