Ariane is one of RuneScape's Signature Heroes, along with a couple other generic pricks. She is the mager of the three, and is therefore part of the forced combat triangle, which is hilarious when the actual triangle itself is so bent out of shape you could sue it for deception. She was originally known as the 'woman who was on the Dungeons of Deamonheim website background' and nothing more until Jagex added paper-thin backstory to them. Nowadays she's the Cheryl Cole of the RuneScape world, absolutely fucking everywhere you look, but anyone with half a brain hates her. Apart from the Runefappers, who she seems to be targeted at. Recently she's been plastered all over the homepage and log-in screen, under the codename 'Generic Mage Female' while the warrior and archer enjoy 23% less attention than Gunnar's Ground. However, being everywhere like the world's most irritating disease, even the Runefappers have decided she's old news, and even deleted the Rule 34 they drew of her on their computers.

Now a washed up old whore, Ariane has but one fan left, like some D-list talentless celebrity once the tabloids are done genuinely wanting him or her dead. This one fan is Mod Mark H, the J-Mod so notorious for his relentless hatred of RuneScape players, its like they hired him from When not spending his time grinding his teeth down to stumps in tyrannical fury over someone explaining ignored faults in the Castle Wars minigame, he discovers a thread called "I hate the focus on Ariane" (Now locked, hidden, destroyed and considered a war crime), realises that someone DARES to insult HIS pixelated girlfriend, and unleashes a hurricane of rage. After everyone laughs at him, he storms off to delve into his 18-rated folder of Ariane 'fanart'.

10 minutes later, the original thread creator makes another thread to ask WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! and is locked and yelled at by an equally offhand and smartarse F-Mod who confuses 'sounding like the world's biggest arsehole combined with Adrian Chiles' and 'trolling', neither of which is appropiate when you're meant to the standard for the forumers to follow. Thats how you get modded, kiddies.

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