The Aquanite is a Slayer monster found in the Fremennik Slayer caves. Killing it requires a Slayer level of 78 and its origin

What has science done?

was decided in a guaranteed content poll which asked players the question:

"If you were to create a slayer monster by breeding Pokemon, which one(s) would you use?"

After the results of the poll were in, Jagex took a Dragonite and attempted to drown it in a tank filled with angler fish. At this point, the Dragonite began to "sleep with the fishes" and thus the Aquanite was born.

(Don't believe us? Think about it, why does that thing have wings?!)

Fighting the AquaniteEdit

Aquanite are Water/Flying pokemon and mainly use a magic-based attack. Since they fight with Magic, they also have an attack called "splash" which does nothing interesting in particular. Lastly, if you have the Protect from Magic prayer activated, they will sometimes use hyper beam to nullify your prayer and deal damage.

According to Rantz the ogre, the Aquanite are weak to "stabbers." It is unclear whether he was referring to stab-based weaponry or Ranged attacks but both seem to be effective methods of harming them. If you don't want to end up fainting or being forced to switch Pokemon, it is advised that while fighting Aquanite, that you wear armour with magic defense that doesn't fail (or prayer-boosting equipment if you wish to take the risk of being hit by hyper beam.)

Worthwhile DropsEdit

Their drops are... mediocre at best, if you're lucky you might get a funny string thingy with a little ghost attached to it. Only pick up the following:

Weapons and Armour

  • Air battlestaff (battlestaves are good for whacking people on the head and alching)
  • Water battlestaff
  • Amulet of ranging (ranging?! More like amulet of surfing...)
  • 10 rune darts (meh...)
  • 5 rune bolts (whatever...)


  • Ranarr seed
  • Snapdragon seed
  • Lantadyme seed
  • Dwarf weed seed
  • Torstol seed

Food(only pick these up if you're using a Bunyip and have swallow whole scrolls on hand)

  • 1-3 raw lobsters
  • 1-2 raw swordfish
  • raw shark

Other Crap you might want to pick up

  • Blue charm
  • Crimson charm
  • Level 3 clue scroll (if you're clueless and want another rune pick axe to add to your collection)
  • Starved ancient effigy (it's a mysterious rock and it's talking to you... Well, you better answer it!)


  • Aquanite is the evolved form of Aquanair which evolves from Aquatini at level 30.
  • Other children of Dragonite include dragon armour, dragonkin, argonite, gorgonite, adamantite and runite
  • The other possibilities in the guaranteed content poll included Gilidrixon(Giratina+Lumineon.) Amphibrath(Ampharos+Poliwrath,) Lanterwyn(Lanturn+Wingull,) and Anglibian(Metang+Ledian)

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