Antipoison is a drug in Prunescape known for its addictive properties. It is one of the most common drugs (more commonly known as potions) used throughout gameplay, along with prayer potions and strength potions.

As it happens, I have consumed a bit too much antipoison myself and am incapable of completing this page. While I rest it off, someone finish the page. ~Dalek

Medical uses in PrunescapeEdit

it is two type 1.hameotoxic 2.neuro toxic

Addictive propertiesEdit

Consuming antipoison within an hour too much causes antipoison addiction, a serious condition which is not cured until death.

Antipoison addiction causes the player to be poisoned whenever the effects of antipoison wear off. This makes the addiction very costly, as the player had to keep buying the ***ing potions constantly to prevent death.

After a certain period of A.A. stage 1, the player will go into stage 2. In stage 2 of A. A., for every minute a player goes without consuming a dose of antipoison, he loses 1 mentality level. However, whenever he consumes an antipoison, he loses 100 hp. This makes the standoff between die and die, in which most players choose another form of dying unrelated to the original problem of A. A..

Bullshit, what kind of crack are you on?. ~Dalek

How to use antipoisonEdit

1. click on the potion

2. repeat until step 3 is achieved.

3. get antipoison addiction/poisoning.

4. die.

Thus proving that you should buy super antipoison instead, with which you only need to achieve step 1 to die. Antipoison++ is illegal in all of its forms.

Note: Some hope for A.A sufferers has come in the form of the new drug AntiAntipoison, but that would be just plain silly. ~ Crusty

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