The Abyssal Whip was one of the ye olde RuneScape items that is still just about used today. While one of the most effective and consistent weapons in the game, it has recently fallen out of usage due to the Chaotic Rapier, and while it used to be an item that was initially traded straight up for partyhats, and managed to keep a 3M-4M value for a long while, it is now stuck at around 1M or less due to practically none leaving the game alongside ABYSSAL DEMON BOTS (Because Jagex's bot detection system is so bad, people are botting accounts up to 130 Combat AND 85 Slayer without getting caught.) smashing the price to little bits.

With the Jadinko Lair releasing the Whip Vine, a massively overhyped item that cost 25M for a +2 strength
This was less than 24 hours later

One thing to note is I didn't actually buy it, but the other person was willing to see the trade through.

bonus, the people who mistook RuneScape for a stock market simulator went insane and bought them for 90M on the very second they were released. This wasn't the wisest move because 24 hours later, a Whip Vine was selling for this.

With the new law that you must train strength before ANYTHING ELSE, whips have become shit because the can't bloody train strength! Instead, they can train "shared" Oh lardy daa!

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