Requirements: That quest that seems pretty cool until you realise the storyline is bullshit needs to be completed. You also need to have spent a shitload on training Pokemon.

Length: Shorter than Justin Beiber's dick.

Difficulty: Begins like one of those nooby voiced quests. Ends like a shit.

Members: ARE GAY!!!!

Items Required: The usual usless shit that every quest requires and makes you wonder.. "Why the fuck would you need that?"

Psycho Idiots to Murder: Some tough idiot with a helmet shaped like a penis. He heals off your gay-ness. (So he's basically invincible in your case.)

Return of the TransexualsEdit

Go back to their bloody island with the broken minigames and talk to the chick. Mind the Runefappers. She wants your help again and she promises NO REWARD. Now you need to go to the port and follow a few trails of vomit just to get to another fucking puzzle. After some pure refined BULLSHIT, you need to do all this shit and then go to the black peoples base. Then Jagex got really racist and made it so that the black people have slaves, still keeping many players as there arn't very many black people in Britain. They probably got sick of all the bad breath and ugly teeth and pissed off. Anyway, there are some stupid puzzles you need to complete because... Because Jagex is fucked! Then go fight the penis-head who heals himself off your prayer. Other than that, h'se weaker than a shit... So, QUEST COMPLETE!!


  • After the quest, your one step closer to Korasi's sword and, trust me, it's shithouse. Quit NOW!!
  • Sorry, were you expecting a better article? Well Fuck You!

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